Saturday, October 25, 2008

First few days of training

Currently, I am drinking from a fire hydrant of information at training, and getting soaked, but not drowning! Things are good here. It is so refreshing to be apart of a community that all has the same passion. I am living in a dorm with a beautiful view out of my window, I would post a picture, but I forgot my camera. The trees are all changing colors and there is a creek down the hill from my window that flows into a pond on the property.

It is hard to find a balance between meeting and hanging out with people, studying, and resting. Breakfast is only from 7-8 everyday, so that means you have to get up early, and go to bed early, which is hard. There are really cool people with lots of stories, but then there are really good resources to study here that we will not have overseas too! I am thankful that today is Saturday and I can get ahead on some assignments, take a nap, and then a bunch of girls and I are going into town for dinner and a Walmart run tonight, so I guess today is pretty balanced! :)

Don't let me get too far from the outside world--email me and let me know what is going on in your world!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Its as easy as Alif, baa, taa...

It is really not as easy as ABC, for me yet, anyway. Just thought I would share the Arabic alphabet with you. Note that it starts in the top RIGHT and reads to the LEFT, and that at least 5 letters sound like a version of the English "T." Oh, and the letters change forms depending on their position in the word (beginning, middle, or end). But as mom always says, "you can do hard things, " and I am trying! Although I did not work, this week was very productive. I spent Monday at OBU and in OKC getting to visit old professors and people in Campus Min. that I worked with. I also got to meet with a business contact that hopefully, the training company that I will work for will be able gain additional training resources from. I had a lovely dinner with Emily at Cheesecake Factory (yum!) and then got to have a sleepover with Amanda at OSU (fun!). Oh, and I decided to get my hair cut too, while I was there. (It is below my sholders when it is straight, which I will get to do more often, because it is easier to straighten now that it is short, and now that I bought a quality straightener!)

I fly out to VA on Tuesday for training. I will be in VA for 2 months, studying and preparing to go. I'm spending the next two days getting things in order, cause the next time I will be back in OK will be for just 2 weeks around Christmas. I will be sending an email newsletter out to my update group before I go, so let me know if you don't get it and I will add you to my list.
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things are coming along...

Things are coming along. My car is now on the market! I need to spec it all out, but for now, I have detailed it and have a sign in it. So if you know anyone wanting a reliable, good condition, 25 mpg in town car in the area, send them to me! It is a 99 Saturn SL2.

I said a lot of "see-ya-laters," this week. Friday was my last day at work. I was really blessed to work with great people and friends since graduation in a good flexible job. I was so surprised, they even gave me a 5-piece luggage set, which will come in very handy as I pack to go overseas. (little shout out to everyone at BOCC! thanks for reading!)

My cards should come in on Tuesday, so be sure to ask me for one. I don't want to miss anyone, and I should have more than enough-I ordered 1000.

When you think of me,
-P. that I will accomplish all that is needed before training in VA
-P. that I will quickly learn Arabic (it was pointed out this week that even the numbers are different!)
-P. that my way be prepared overseas. That I will meet people and build good friendships, and that all the purposes of going will be met.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's getting closer...

Wow! I can't believe it is already October. I head to VA Oct 20. I have known that since May, but yet it still seemed soo far into the future that now it is weird that Oct 20 is getting even closer!

This week will be my last week of work at the bank. Working at the bank has definitly been a blessing. The bank has not been anything really challenging (mom says challenging is overrated anyway!), but it has been nice to have a good, flexible job. Even though it was just a transitional job, I have learned alot about people, working environments, the value of a small town bank, and the FDIC! The people there make the work more enjoyable too--even when you are cleaning out an attic, making parade floats, or calling customers that need to update their financial files! There are perks there too--Terris' lunch everyday, Relay for Life, and Girls Night Out just to name a few.

Then I will have one week to dot all my I's and cross all my T's before heading off to VA. I will be making a trip to OBU/OKC on Oct 13th, to meet with some people about the work I will be doing overseas, and to get a much needed haircut. (As a sidenote, let me know if you think I should keep my hair long or cut it to my chin/sholders let me know) I will also be having a garage sale on the 18th to get rid of some stuff that I will not need for 2 years-so if you are in the area you should come buy my stuff! :)

I started out to update you, thinkin' there was much to tell, but I guess I found some things, and hope I didn't ramble!