Monday, February 15, 2010

Flexible Weather

Skiing Attempt: We got all the way to the ski town, but had to turn around on the way to the resort, because the army said you had to have snow chains to go further. So instead my friends and I played in the snow and had a nice warm lunch. Check out the pics at:

It is a good thing I grew up in Oklahoma and am used to frequent changes in weather! Last week was really cold and I went to the snowy mountains twice, but these last two days have been warm enough to open all my windows and wear shorts in the house. The high today is 82 and the rest of the week is in the high 70s! I know all you snowed-in in Oklahoma must be jealous, but try not to covet.

I have noticed that the nationals are not too good about changing as quickly as the weather changes. Even though it is warm, they still dress in warm coats and jackets. I think this is because they don't check the weather everyday to see what to wear, so they just assume because it is winter it will be cold. How silly is that?! lol, just kidding. Seriously though, in Oklahoma I would check the weather everyday, but the longer I live here the less frequently I check the weather forecast. Most often I just look outside or stick an arm out on the balcony to determine which jacket to grab.

I have begun many posts that I never finished, since this one goes along with the crazy weather and the new picture album (see the link above) I thought I would share it with you:

My ears are cold, because I forgot to turn on the hot water heater.

Okay, are you ready for this logic?
1. In order to have hot water, you must turn on the hot water heater. (they don't run all the time like the US)
2. In order to shower with hot water, you must leave the hot water heater on for several hours (usually overnight for a morning shower...unless you choose to get up in the middle of the night to turn it on--no thank you!)
3. Last night I went to bed and forgot to turn on the hot water heater.
4. This morning there was no hot water.
5. Because there was no hot water, I chose to not shower. Don't worry I used body spray so I was not smelly! :)
6. So I put my hair in a ponytail, no big deal.
7. But the weather finally decided to act like it is winter here and be cold. (this was last week)
8. So on my 20 minute walk to work my ears froze!
9. I had a scarf on and everything, but my big hair is usually always down in the winter to keep my ears toasty, but that was not the case today, because I did not turn the hot water on.

This is not at all to complain, but just to laugh at the logic of living overseas and how one random thing affects so many other things that you don't plan on (even for a known planner like me). Lets just say I have learned how to be really flexible living overseas. You never know what your day holds, because so many random things happen that plans constantly fluctuate. (like my first ski trip above!)

Now I am off to wash the pants that I just got hemmed, but because the tailor smokes in his shop while he works they all smell like cigarette smoke, so I must wash them before I wear them. (but I got 5 pairs of pants altered for $20, so it is still good) But because we will be on generator for another 1.5 hours, I can't really start the washer till 6PM, and by the time the washer goes through its 1.5 hour cleaning cycle process it will be dark outside so these pants and jeans will not dry till tomorrow afternoon, but I am not complaining, just making observations, because the weather is going to be warm this week so they should dry in 24 hours! Which is very nice! :)

okay, now that I have sufficiently bored you with the daily details of my life, I am really off. Now you see why I saw not much was blog worthy this week....this post just really lowered the small worth of all my other blog posts.