Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mom and Dad's Visit

Here are some picture's from mom and dad's visit last week:



Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do I tell 20 people that they may have been exposed to H1N1?

I had a great visit with my parents here this last week. They have made it safely home now, Lhamdillia (thanks to God). But dad got sick the last day, and now mom is sick. Earlier in the week, my supervisor got sick, and is still sick and now his wife is too. Then sometime around Wednesday night, my dad and roommate came down with something similar to what my supervisor had come down with. That same night I had 20 people over to my house for "Laura's Mom's American Homecooking Night!" (which was amazing by the way).

So after my roommate was still sick today (Saturday), she went to the doctor; it was confirmed that she has the flu (what kind is uncertain). She is on medicine now, and I have a preventative med to take as well.

So that left me with the dilemma of if I should I tell the 20+ people that were at my house on Wednesday night and if so, how? Or let it go, not wanting to scare them? I called a trusty national friend to ask what is culturally appropriate. And he said, "NO, don't tell them. That will just scare them and if there was sharing of H1N1 (which is not confirmed) they will not all get sick. There is no reason to worry them all."

Who knew when this swine flu first started (and the end of the world was pronounced...lol) that it could have made it here, and to my family during the 10 days that they were here in whole 2 years I will be here. I never thought I would have to worry about this. And honestly, I am not worried, just surprised about how everything turns out. Thankfully, no one seems to be much sicker than just having the normal flu. Please don't worry, no one is in the hospital or anything.

So as you think about it, remember those who are sick around you and over here: my supervisor, his wife, my parents, my roommate, and inshallah (Lord-willing) none of my friends from Wednesday night, or me.