Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wedding!!

This Saturday night was my language teacher, N's sister's wedding. I have gotten to meet all of their family, so I was so excited to be invited to her wedding. She has been engaged to her fiance the whole time I have been here and the wedding was really a celebration that she was finally able to get married. I would love to share the story behind it, and about all the wedding traditions here---and how much I LOVE them! But that is going to have to wait. I have been packing and moving ever since then, and am exhausted.

If you can't tell by my facebook status: I love dancing here!



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Un Noche Mexicano!


So last week, one of the young professional clubs here hosted a Mexican Night! They put alot of work into it. They got authentic costumes from the Mexican Embassy. A local Mexican restaurant (which is decent, but nothing like El Zarape) serve tastes of quesadillas, nachos and tequila. Actually, the quesadillas that I tried were either just motzerella cheese in a tortilla or chicken, peppers, onion, and OLIVES!

They had a mariachi band and everything. Let me tell you that the people are here are so educated! They knew many of the songs already! La Bamba!

Even the local MTV station was there-which I thought was cool. You know how part of you always wants to make it on tv. Yah, I thought that would be cool too, until it hit me that they were broadcasting in Arabic when they were interviewing one of my friends. So then I tried to hide behind my friend, but that didn't work! The reported asked me in Arabic where I bought the flower in my hair. (see the picture link above) I panicked. I can definitely answer that question in Arabic. "starat hayde warde min Marji 500 mahal bihamra." But as I learned when a camera is shoved in your face, and you realize you are about to look like an idiot on tv, all the Arabic somehow just falls out of your brain! So I answered in English. And the reporter looked at me funny, realizing I was not from here. And asked me again in English, and wanted to know if I studied here or not. Thankfully, my friends helped me out, so I didn't look like a complete idiot--at least that is what they kept telling me.

Oh, and let me explain to you where I bought the flower. I got it at the local version of the Dollar Store---not the typical place the MTV watchers shop! That was kinda embarrassing! Many times, covered ladies will put these flowers under their veils, because they give the illusion of more hair--which is supposed to be attractive. Yes, just because you wear a veil, doesn't mean that you don't know how to dress to attract attention! Maybe this is similar to the poof alot of girls wear in the States! But my red flower was a huge hit! I bought extras for friends and they all wore them. And even had a couple people want to buy them from us! And it was my flower that originally attracted MTV to me, they thought I was dressed authentically! With my skirt from Turkey, and top from here! lol! fun times!